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Community Bank Advisors exists solely to empower community banks through education and consultation. We believe the regulatory landscape is stacked against community banks, and we believe these banks deserve to have the tools to succeed. We help manage risk, train tomorrow’s bankers, and make banks highly profitable. We also conduct external loan reviews, on-site training sessions, and consult on key banking issues and regulations.

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Community bank executives keep telling us…“If you can help reduce our loan losses and problems, I’d sleep easier at night.”

Employing the complete array of talent needed to make a community bank run smoothly is nearly impossible. What if you had a relationship with an organization that could bring serious talent to the table? What if you knew a group that could make banking…simpler?

Community Bank Advisors is a group of experienced bankers and former examiners. Our dream team regularly performs loan reviews for banks just like yours.

If bank examiners showed up tomorrow…Would you be ready?

We’ve encountered community banks that believe everything is fine and go about their business. Then, one day, an examiner shows up…and suddenly, everything is NOT fine.

Loan downgrades. Stress testing. Compliance. Capital planning. Management and board succession. Contingency funding planning. Operational risk. Enterprise risk management. We can help make sure you don’t get blindsided. Community Bank Advisors is a team of former bankers and examiners that helps prepare banks just like yours.

Let’s discuss how a relationship with CBA can ensure you are always ready for the day the examiners show up.

As if enough wasn’t on your plate…The good news is you don’t need to handle everything.

We hope you’ve gotten to know Community Bank Advisors through this series of postcards. 

Now we want to know about you. What does success look like for your bank? How could our team of experienced advisors partner with you to help your bank succeed? Over the coming weeks, a member of our team will attempt to reach out to you to listen to all that is on your plate.

Know that there’s a teammate ready to be in your corner today.  Give us a call to help ease some of those burdens that make banking today difficult. We’re ready, are you?

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