27 09, 2018

Banking Banking Lines Up Front (BLUF) – Week of September 27, 2018

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The big news this week is the raise in interest rates by the Fed. Here's some information you need to know:   Fed keeps its long-run forecast for economic growth unchanged at 1.8% (source) The central bank updated its economic outlook on Wednesday, after the Federal Open Market Committee announced a quarter point hike in [...]

7 09, 2018

Banking Banking Lines Up Front (BLUF) – Week of August 30, 2018

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Here's the information you need to know from key articles and news reports for the week of August 3oth, 2018. Fed gives Deutsche Bank, others extension on “living will” submissions (source) The resolution plans, commonly known as living wills, require large banks to detail how they could be unwound in cases of bankruptcy without disrupting [...]

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